CATS RULE! Feline Rescue - Adoption Application - DOGS

Thank you for your interest in adopting a CR!FR dog. We will review your application and contact you to discuss the dog &/or to arrange a home visit.
We only adopt locally in the Northern Virginia/WDC/ Southern Maryland area.

  Date CR!FR dog(s) I'm interested in adopting:


State, Zip
  Home Phone
  Work Phone
  Cel Phone

What type of dog are you interested in adopting? (check all that apply) 

    female male either
    puppy adult either
    indoor dog outdoor yard dog companion
    company for other pet guard dog show dog
    athletic dog/jogging partner high energy dog quiet dog
    senior dog breeding dog hunting dog
  2. Please describe any specific characteristics you are looking for in a dog:

Do you (check all that apply):
Rent Own Live with parents

Apartment House Condo Dorm Mobile Home
Other, please explain:

  4. How long have you been at your present address?
  5. Has each family member/roommate agreed to the adoption of a dog?
Yes No Not sure
  6. Do you have your landlord’s/condo’s permission to own a dog?
Yes No Not sure
  7. Name and phone number of landlord or complex/property manager:

Who lives with you? — NAME — AGE — RELATIONSHIP

  9. Is anyone in your household allergic to dogs?
Yes No Not sure
  10. If an allergy developed, are you willing to take steps to keep the dog?
Yes No Not sure
  11. Are you willing to provide a lifelong home for your dog?
Yes No Not sure
  12. If your family changed (marriage, divorce, new baby) would you keep the dog?
Yes No Not sure
  13. Are you planning to move in the next year?
Yes No Not sure
  14. If yes, would your dog go with you if you moved?
Yes No Not sure
  15. Please list all pets you currently have in your household or have had in the last 10 years:
Breed — Gender — Age — Spayed/Neutered — Years Owned — How did ownership end?


Have you ever had a pet that accidentally became pregnant?
No Yes
If yes, please explain situation:

Have you ever had a pet that you intentionally bred?
No Yes
If yes, please explain situation:

17. Are your current pets up-to-date on their vaccinations?
Yes No Not sure
  18. Name & phone number of your current or last veterinary hospital:
  19. Will you provide annual vaccinations, heartworm/flea/tick preventative, and necessary medical care?
Yes No Not sure
  20. We’re looking for “forever” homes for our dogs. Are you willing to provide a life-long home for your pet?
Yes No Not sure
  21. Will you leave the dog outside while you're out? Yes No Not sure
  22. How many hours per day will your dog spend alone?
  23. Dogs require wholesome food, fresh water, veterinary care, proper shelter & care. How much
are you willing to spend to properly care for your dog?
  24. Who will be the primary caretaker of the dog?
  25. Where will your dog be kept during the day?
  26. At night?
  27. Where will your dog sleep?
  28. Where will your dog eat?
  29. Do you plan to crate train your dog?
  30. Your dog may take a while to fully adjust to her/his new home. Are you willing to allow time
for the adjustment?
Yes No Not sure

Do you have experience training a dog?
Yes No

What approach/methods do you intend to take with training/discipline/behaviour modification/correction?

What exercise regimen do you have in mind for the dog?

  32. If your dog gets lost, in addition to contacting CATS RULE! Feline Rescue, what steps would
you take to find it?
  33. What will you do if your new dog doesn’t get along with your present pet(s)?
  34. Who will care for your dog when you travel, go on vacation, or in case of emergency requiring
your extended absence?
  35. Is anyone in your home a smoker?
Yes No

If at any time you are unable to keep this dog (or dogs) for any reason, do you agree to return
it to CATS RULE! Feline Rescue?
Yes No Not sure

~ Thank You! ~