Buena playing with the camera's lens cap.



CATS RULE! Feline Rescue
with your suggestions, questions & comments:

PO Box 2096
Fairfax, VA 22031-2096


Please allow several days for a response.

If you're writing for help rescuing/trapping feral cats, please provide this info with your inquiry:

- How many adult cats & how many kittens are there?

- What are their estimated ages?

- What is the general location (Reston, Arlington, etc) & the specific location (under a deck, woods behind a restaurant) of the cats?

- Is it a high-traffic zone? Are there any other hazards?

- Are any of the cats/kittens in poor condition/health?

- Are any of the cats/kittens tame/semi-friendly?

- Is anyone feeding/providing water regularly for the cats?

- Do the cats have any shelter? If so, what?

- Is anyone trying to harm the cats?