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Capaccino & Java arrived on
4-30-05 in a Fair Oaks parking lot in a delivery van. They'd come from Rockbridge SPCA in Lexington, VA,
3 hrs away. The kennel floors at the shelter were being refinished & all their dogs had to be cleared out. It wasn't in the budget to board them all & there weren't enough foster homes available.

Through the efforts & e'mails of a group of rescuers, many of the dogs were set up with rescues in other areas. A van-load of dogs was brought to our area & reps from various rescues were there to pick them up.

CR!FR found a permanent home for one dog ("Goober", now named "Rozenkranz") & we're fostering Chino & Java here. They're very puppy-rowdy but are learning manners well. They're also very affectionate, lots of fun & very sweet!

Rescuers gather around the delivery van to
greet the road-weary pups.

Nervous Chino makes his way off the van.

Upon arriving at CR!FR hq, Chino & Java
went for a romp in the back yard.

L-R: Max, Java & Chino.
Chino & Java are brothers, although Java is a good 7lbs heavier & a bit bigger than Chino. They're now around a year old. Java is a bit mellower, Chino is an imp! They're both extremely affectionate & friendly.

These all-American mutts seem to be part beagle, terrier & hound. They have many endearing qualities, for example: when a siren goes by they literally howl like wolves! They also have cute underbites.

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