Lo-Lo when she was a wee one. She's still 2,000% playful.



CR!FR Borders Gift Wrapping Schedule
(Last updated Fri., 12-11-09)

Thank you for being a part of our fund-raising effort!
There are still shifts available.  Please e'mail your
shift offer to info@catsrule.org.

Dec 13, Sun 4-6:30pm VB, CF  
Dec 13, Sun 6:30-9pm VB, SM  
Dec 14, Mon 4-6:30pm VB, __  
Dec 14, Mon 6:30-9pm __, __  
Dec 15, Tue 4-6:30pm VB, BB  
Dec 15, Tue 6:30-9pm __, __  
Dec 16, Wed 4-6:30pm VB, SM  
Dec 16, Wed 6:30-9pm __, __  
Dec 17, Thur 4-6:30pm VB, CF  
Dec 17, Thur 6:30-9pm LG, __