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Rescue Organizations are undoubtedly the least acknowledged and hardest working groups of
animal lovers.

– Susan Thixton, www.truthaboutpetfood.com

All donations are tax-deductible & go directly to supporting the cats & CR!FR's mission: nutritious food, spay/neuter, vaccinations, veterinary care, humane trapping & TNR, adoption efforts, educational outreach, parasite control, litter, & all the cleaning supplies & necessities of caring for rescued cats & dogs.  Many thanks for your support!


PAYPAL - A convenient, fast & easy way to donate!

Simply click on the button to the right to sign up & send your gift of support for our rescued kitties.

Send a donation
via "snail mail" -
( Please make check/money order out to CATS RULE! Feline Rescue )

To this address:
CATS RULE! Feline Rescue
P.O. Box 2096
Fairfax, VA  22031-2096

Invest in CR!FR's present!

  We need to add a nice kitty abode with heat, a/c, a covered porch & fenced outdoor run for the cats.  They will really love feeling the grass beneath their toes.
Please donate the right kind of structure & fencing supplies so our costs will be much smaller.  It's estimated the cost for the kitty house & enclosed pen will be $3,000.
Click here to see ideas/plans.

Invest in CR!FR's future!


We are yearning to achieve our big goal: to acquire a farmette where we'll have room to provide more rescued animals with more space.  A donation to the Cat Haven Fund would help us get that much closer.  Donation/loan of a farm also gladly accepted!

Our dream facility is: 10 acres or more, within an hour's drive of Springfield, VA, have a nice barn or 2, & have a decent dwelling for humans.  This will greatly help realize our mission.

Donations to CR!FR are

~ Thank You For Your Support! ~

EASY Ways YOU Can Help the Cats of CR!FR:

When shopping online, go to igive.com & view their lengthy list of participating merchants - chances are the store you're shopping at is on it.  Register with igive.com & choose CATS RULE! Feline Rescue as the group you want to support.  When you click on a store's link from the igive.com site, CR!FR will receive a percentage of your purchase at no cost to you!

Even easier: when you want to search the web, your search can benefit CR!FR: use GoodSearch.com instead of Google & select CATS RULE! Feline Rescue to receive your support.
The site is powered by Yahoo!, so you'll get the same quality search results that you're used to.  The more people who use this site, the more money will go to homeless cats in need of shelter, vet care & TLC.  So please spread the word to your friends and family and use GoodSearch.com when searching the web. It's soo easy!

Magazine Fundraising Program
Our online fundraising store has over 650 of the most popular magazine titles at up to 85% off newsstands prices.  Purchase or renew your favorite magazine subscriptions and 40% of your purchase will go directly to help for homeless cats!
Click here for more info!


Here are some ideas for events you could organize that would be a great help:

- a cat food, cat toy &/or fundraising drive ("Passing the Hat for Cats")

- a Wish List drive ( http://catsrule.org/donsponvol.html#wishlist )

- a foster home recruitment drive (we are especially in need of foster homes for adult cats,
. kittens, & moms with kittens. Any vet care needed is covered by CR!FR; fosters provide cat food,
. litter & pan, & lots of TLC).

- a "penny war" competition

- a yard sale, bake sale, or car wash for the cats

- a poster or arts 'n' crafts contest (a $3 entry fee, juried by
. you & a friend, prizes provided by CR!FR)

- a "Kitten Baby Shower" with a "Name the Kittens" contest &
. gifts/supplies for kittens & cats

- "Angel Trees" - needed supplies written on paper ornaments hang on a tree.  Participants chose an
. ornament & bring the item written on the ornament to put under the tree (CR!FR has all the
. supplies for this).  Can be done for any occasion/holiday: a Valentine's Tree, patriotic
. Independence Day tree, Thanksgiving tree, Christmas tree, etc.

CR!FR can create printed materials & a web page to help promote your effort & offer prizes.

Let us know if you have any ideas that you'd like to pursue or if you'd like to work on an idea/event for the cats.  We'd be glad to support/help your effort in any way possible!

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Ways to Help the Cats of CR!FR:

• raise funds by holding a yard sale, craft sale, bake sale, dance-a-thon or car wash (the possibilities are endless!) & donate the proceeds to CR!FR

• launch an ebay or Amazon.com sales effort & donate the proceeds to CR!FR

• take up a collection or start a "cat food drive" or "cat supply drive" at your school or place of work (see Wish List for items needed)

• volunteer some of your time & help out at an event or craft-a-thon

• spread the word by passing on our URL to friends, family & associates: www.catsrule.org & asking them to donate

• promoting pet adoption & spay/neuter at every opportunity!


...- Petsmart, Walmart, Webers Pet Supermarket, Petco,
..- -& PetMAC giftcards
.. - Friskies & Fancy Feast cans
.. - canned/dry kitten & cat food: Merrick, Wellness,
.... Triumph, ProPlan, EVO, PetGuard, Science Diet,
.... Royal Canin, Avoderm, MaxCat
.. - Purina-One cat chow food bags - chicken flavor
.. - Science Diet kitten, cat, & dog chow
.. - coupons for Fancy Feast & Friskies cans
.. - cat litter: any kind (normal clumping clay litter & old-style
.. - -non-clumping clay litter - any brand, but no crystals/wheat/
.. - -newspaper/pine/pellets please) - no plastic tubs please

.. - bath & beach towels, comforters (twin), blankets,
.... kids' sleeping bags, padded/quilted pillow shams
.. - vinegar (distilled), bleach & laundry detergent (Arm &
. .-. Hammer preferred)

.. - paper towels, lots of paper towels
. .- replacement mop heads (O Cedar Pro Scrub 10" Roller Mop)
.. - Nature's Miracle, ZeroOdor, Anti-Icky-Poo products
.. - Revolution flea/tick prevention for cats & kittens
.. - K9 Advantix flea/tick prevention for dogs (M, L)
.. - Payment credits at our vet - Town & Country Animal
--. Hospital
.. - cat trees, condos, scratching posts, beds, toys
.. - stainless steel &/or ceramic cat food dishes
.. -- cereal bowls ok!)

.. - large stainless steel/ceramicl water dishes
.. - heated cat beds or mats
.. - retractable leashes - Med & Large; straps, not cords
.. - dog collars - any size

.. - dog beds
.. - dog toys
, rawhide chews, treats
.. - large metal crates, cat carriers
.. - humane box traps &/or drop traps
.. - sturdy dog houses (for feral cats)
.. - bales of straw
.. - grass seed
.. - large pet food storage bins

.. - plastic storage bins for merch, event supplies, etc
. ...(large pref.)
- 1 extra-large sturdy portfolio case for transporting
.... event display items & posters
.. - 1 "Shoji"-style 3-panel screen, for event displays
.. - reliable fax machine (plain paper)

Thank you for helping us help needy & homeless animals!

Donations to CR!FR are TAX-DEDUCTIBLE
~ Thank You For Your Support! ~

If you aren't able to adopt a cat, the next best thing is to sponsor a CR!FR cat!  For $10/mo., Sponsors name will appear on the webpage of their cat(s) as Sponsors for as many months as they choose.  And they'll enjoy the great feeling of helping a wonderful cat make ends meet. Browse our "Rescued" profiles to meet our kitties.

Be sure to denote which cat(s) you'd like to sponsor.

Click here for Sponsorship form & to use

There are many areas where your assistance is welcome at CR!FR. Below is a quick list:

- help tame/socialize kittens & ferals, & shy dogs
- foster cats, kittens, or a mama cat with a litter
- assist with TNR
of feral cats
- modify wooden frame to create drop trap
- clean carriers, traps, crates, boxes, cat trees
- scoop boxes
- sweep, mop cat rooms
- wash/fold cat laundry, cat beds
- unload cans/litter & distribute
- feed cats & dogs, refresh water
- clean cat porch
- misc. small carpentry projects
- bring recyclables to depot
- pet-sitting
- help load in, set up, attend booth, & load out at an event

*Drop us an e'mail if you have some time to share & would like roll up your
*sleeves & get a bit dirty!

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