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Bella & Jenna
rescued 11/2/04 - by Jenna
from an apartment complex in Richmond, VA

Jenna & her husband rescued a family of 5 homeless kitties, despite the stress of a heavy work load at school. They were persistent through frustrations & near misses & they soon had the whole family safe inside.

After 2 nights of little sleep thanks to the clamor of playful kittens, Jenna drove them up to CR!FR from Richmond through a crazy rainstorm.

THANKS Jenna! for caring & for going out of your way for these needy kitties.

The kittens are grown up now & have new homes, but Mama
Bella is still looking for the just right place.

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Clock-wise from upper left:
Bruna, Basta, Buena & Blanca
Basta & Blanca
Kitten roulette
Bruna, Basta & Blanca