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Bella is surprizingly sweet for the rough time she's had. It's unknown how long she was homeless or how many litters she's had but she was likely once someone's pet. Sadly, she somehow ended up on her own, lost or abandoned.

Bella's a pleasant cat but is quite through with motherhood, thank you. She shows no interest in her kittens, although Jenna, who rescued them, reports that Bella was a good mom.

Bella's a very mellow gal; friendly & sociable, not demanding or flashy. She loves to eat; after being hungry for so long, she hasn't yet realized she doesn't have to wolf her food.

It's unknown how well Bella gets along with dogs or children but she doesn't seem to like other cats. She loves head- & cheek rubs & being petted; sometimes she'll jump up to push her head into your hand. She isn't very used to being held at the moment. She's up-to-date on her vaccines, box-trained & newly spayed. Bella would love a stable home & affectionate company.


Basta is a very sweet young lady. She's a light brown tabby with beautiful golden-tan eyes, white paws & chest & dabs of red throughout her stripes. She has a healthy appetite, loves to play & romp with her siblings & likes to explore. She's not hyper like some kittens, she's pretty mellow overall.

Basta is very affectionate & loves to curl up on your lap & rub against your legs. She gets along great with other cats & our dog.

Brunhilde (Bruna, aka Boo)

Bruna is the feisty kitten of the bunch. She was quite feral when they arrived; hissing, spitting & scratching. She'd growl when being handled & was tricky to hold. You wouldn't recognize her now, she's come a long way. I can hold her with a minimum of growling & she actually seems to enjoy cheek rubs & neck scritches. It's just a matter of time 'til she's purring.

Bruna has big wide eyes & a luxurious dark tabby coat. She's very playful & inquisitive. Bruna will be ready for adoption after she's through with finishing school!

Buena - has been ADOPTED!

Buena is a terrific cat! She was the first to accept being handled, which was a relief to have one less frightened cat to work with.

Buena is very sociable, friendly & curious. Whatever I'm doing, she wants to check it out. She's the most active kitten of the four; she spends hours playing, tackling toys, leaping up at the underside of the table, chasing balls & dangling strings, & pouncing her siblings. She's so much fun & when she wears herself out, she might curl up on your lap for a nap.

Buena would like a home with her sister Blanca, her favorite play partner.






Blanca - has been ADOPTED!

As you can see, Blanca is about the cutest thing to ever walk the earth. But don't be fooled by her angelic appearance, she's a rowdy tomboy half the time. Blanca has a very sweet disposition but her first love is playing. Chasing balls, tackling her sisters, kitten roulette, cat tree ambush. She especially likes to sit on your lap & play with a string or rassle your hand.

Blanca has the softest, silkiest fur & loves attention. She's also very affectionate with her siblings. She loves rasslin' with her sister Buena & would like to go to a new home with her.







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