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Courage is the virtue of the Spirit.

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How CR!FR Can Help You Help Cats

59,396 DOGS & 61,156 CATS were
euthanized in Virginia shelters in 2003.
PLEASE do not buy a pet when perfectly
adoptable ones await a 2nd chance for
life at the shelter.

PLEASE spay/neuter your pet!


Welcome to CATS RULE! Feline Rescue's old web page. It is very out of date but still has some good info.

CR!FR is now a rescue/sanctuary for Feline Leukemia positive cats. We cannot take in new cats/kittens, unless they are FLV+ & are well-socialized (ie: not feral). There is a surrender fee & kittens must have been tested twice.

We can still help locally with TNR for ferals by lending out humane traps & providing info/guidance.

Some of the items in our shop are still available for sale, such as the Cat & Dog Wreaths, fabric cat dolls, CR!FR Logo T Shirts, Word Cloud frames, several magnet designs, etc. Please check for availability by contacting us through our FaceBook page.

We also have many unique/unusual items for sale through our FaceBook "Online Yardsale", click here to view:


CR!FR is 501c3 non-profit – donations are tax deductible, greatly needed & very much appreciated.

Please visit our current web page at https://www.facebook.com/catsrule.felinerescue

Thank you!


CATS RULE! Feline Rescue is a small but growing collective of animal lovers, rescuers & friends based in Fairfax, VA. We help animals in need of all kinds, with a focus on feral cats.

Please help us help cats!
Our rescued cats come from hard circumstances: the streets, the highways, patches of scrubland behind businesses; most are born homeless. Many have medical problems that continue to require treatment. Happily, they are now safe, well-fed, well-cared for & loved. And it shows!

Even though we help a lot of animals, there are still thousands that need the intervention of a kind samaritan for their very survival. Not everyone can take in 10 or 20 animals & give them a loving home. But they can help animals by supporting local rescue groups.

You can be a part of happy endings! With the support of caring people who share concern & compassion for animals, we can continue to take in animals with no home to go to & no one to care for them.

The work of rescuing & providing for homeless animals is a labor of the heart. Please consider a donation to help us help cats. It means so much to have the support of other caring people in our efforts on the front lines of the animal population crisis.

We're hoping our site will inspire you to take action & become involved, more so if you already are!


There is a serious feline over-population crisis in this country. Not only are there too few homes for tame friendly cats, but millions of homeless & abandoned cats are breeding in colonies in the shadows & corners of our cities & neighborhoods. Without human contact, these cats revert to their wild instincts & become feral. They struggle to eke out an existence behind restaurants & truckstops, in alleys & the woods, in cities, suburban & rural areas. They also have an impact on wildlife.

Life is hard for these cats & is nothing like the life a pet cat enjoys. Hunger, illness, injury, parasites, predators, cruel people & traffic are daily battles for cats living in parking lots scavenging from dumpsters. Kitten mortality is estimated at 50%. When colonies of feral cats are removed by animal control, they are usually euthanized instantly because they are unadoptable. Including the kittens because they're competing with already-tame domestic cats for homes, millions of which are also put to death for lack of homes.

Humans have got to take responsibility & get this cycle of suffering under control by preventing litters of born-homeless cats, by spaying & neutering their pets & by TNR stray/feral cats. It's a daunting task but it CAN be done!

Please make time in your life to help homeless cats & animals. Spay & neuter every cat (& dog) you can get your hands on & encourage others to do the same. Never buy from breeders or pet shops & discourage others. Educate yourself on the harsh realities most animals face. Eat less meat. Help rescue groups, most are desperate for assistance & funds. Advocate for animals, intervene on their behalf. Adopt several cats! You won't regret it : )

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1 - To help needy, unwanted & feral cats & animals by providing shelter, nourishment, medical care & lots of love.

2 - To find permanent loving homes for adoptable animals & to provide a permanent loving home for those who are not.

3 - To reduce euthanasia in shelters by spreading awareness of companion animal over-population, the importance of spaying & neutering & the plight of feral cats.

4 - To assist with local TNR efforts & respond to requests for assistance with feral cats.

5 - To improve the lives of animals by promoting responsible pet care, & advocating for the welfare & humane care of animals.

6 - To encourage acceptance of all living creatures as special & worthy of respect, protection & care.

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1 - expand current facilities: acquire large shed & convert to all-weather "cat abode" with covered porch and large outdoor enclosure

2 - get 501(c)3 status - become an official non-profit organization!

3 - create more unique items for fundraising

4 - promote spay/neuter & adoption at cat shows, pet shops, etc. as well as "unconventional" locations, such as auto swapmeets, tradeshows, nightclubs, etc. via flyers & leaflets & "tabling".

5 - create fund-raising effort for current cats, rescue more cats & animals


1 - acquire 10+ac. farmette with barn/s near Manassas, VA as headquarters & home base for rescues

2 - acquire mobile home/trailers for cat & dog habitats, with heating & a/c, covered porches & large outdoor pens

3 - rescue & care for horses, dogs & other animals in crisis

4 - assist with local TNR efforts, lend out traps & advocate for feral cats

5 - develop network of volunteers & donors to form community/family of animal lovers who participate in our efforts to help animals

6 - establish educational program & materials

7 - rescue & care for as many homeless animals as possible in our lifetimes!

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since Oct., 2002

1 - rescued 66 cats, 3 dogs & 4 goldfish abandoned in a rental property

2 - re-homed 13 cats & 1 dog

3 - funded rescue of 7 cats in NJ

4 - relocated 4 ferals to barn homes

5 - created cat-oriented habitat for rescued cats

6 - rescued injured/distressed wildlife, including loon, mama opossum
7 - & 2 babies, 2 injured baby squirrels, injured songbird, several turtles,
7 - 2 baby emus

7 - assisted with numerous local TNR efforts

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