The NJ Turnpike Reststop - p1

This is where CRFR got its start rescuing feral cats. Above is a view of the woods & parking lot behind the reststop where a colony of over 20 cats eked out an existence. There were several people who would leave out dry cat food or restaurant food for them.

Someone made this little shelter for the cats out of an upside-down styrofoam cooler duct taped to a board. One of our humane traps in the trash-strewn gully behind the fence.
Some feral kittens trying to keep dry on a rainy day - 11/17/02 (Lo-Lo, Alfie, Mitra & Pebble)
A large makeshift shelter by the sound barrier wall someone had made for the cats. Unfortunately, I hear "Animal Control" has removed it.
Our traps by the shelter.

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