Son of Luna
Rescued 7/22/03
From homeowner's shed
Fairfax City, Va



Comet was one of the cutest kittens you ever saw; big round saucer eyes, fat little tummy, & white lifeguard stripe down his nose. Even though he came to CR!FR at a young age & got plenty of attention & handling, he was quite shy.

Comet & his 4 siblings were born in a neighbor's shed up the street. We lent the homeowners a trap & within a few hours they'd trapped the mom, Luna. She was very feral & the kittens weren't enthused about being kidnapped by aliens
either, but they were about 6-7 weeks old, young enough to adjust & accept humans.

Of the 5 kittens, Comet was one of the shyest but was definitely the most playful. I'll never forget his sheer euphoria as he played with my sandal once. He squirmed &
danced & wiggled with glee as he bapped at my toes, like it was the wildest thrill imaginable.

Comet has always had a unique style of vocal expression. As a kitten, he would utter many a creakly, feeble, plaintive "mree-eaah" at mealtimes. Nowadays, he lets out a loud shrill sustained "mmrrrraaaaahh" whenever he wants attention. If that doesn't do the trick, he rolls around on the floor, kneading his paws & mrrraaahh-ing & squeaking until you rub his tummy or forehead.

Comet loves to cuddle & chase strings. He's mostly over his shyness & is still a cute little butterball with the funny meow & the 2nd loudest purr at CR!FR.

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