Daughter of Luna
Rescued 7/22/03
From homeowner's shed, Fairfax City, Va

6/03 - 7/24/04




Lounging in the hay is a favorite pastime....
...as is moth-watching.

Bette was one of the cutest kittens you ever saw; much smaller than her 4 brothers, with huge eyes, a little nose, & the loudest meow. Her siblings were initially reserved but Bette was known for aggressive displays of affection. She'd jump on your lap & writhe, knead, paw & head-butt with such intensity, while meowing & purring loudly.

Bette & her siblings were born in a neighbor's shed a few houses up the road. We lent the homeowners a trap & within an hour or so they got her mom, Luna. She was very feral & the kittens weren't enthused about being kidnapped by aliens either. They were about 6-7 weeks old, young enough to adjust & accept humans.

Of the 5 kittens, Bette is the most outspoken, shall we say. If an other cat gets too close for her liking, she'll emit a piercing, shrill, loud yowl, as if she was being cornered. I'll rush over to break up a standoff but it'll be just Bette all puffed up & an other cat looking confused. Perhaps she's compensating for being the smallest cat. She's mellowed a bit, fortunately.

Li'l Bette is still very affectionate but a little less intense. She loves to sit on your lap & purr, roll around & smile, still cute as can be.

Bette & siblings' baby pictures



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