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Sweet, friendly fellow in
urgent need of new home.

e'mail Kelly at
for more info


McNulty "Mickey" is a wonderful, loving, and affectionate cat. As much as we love and adore him, we are eager to have him placed in a warm, loving home because of our 2 young daughters with allergies.

We’re certain he will bring as much joy to his new family as he has brought ours.
Mickey is neutered, indoors only and has his claws. He is very good about his claws, especially if trimmed each week. We have 2 small children and leather furniture without a scratch.

“Mickey” - short-haired blue with white mackerel tabby
- 10 years old
- 14 pounds
- Neutered, indoors only, and a gentleman with all his claws in tact
- Show Cat (household pets competition)
- all shots updated 7/9/05 and vet checked.

Mickey is an extraordinarily laid-back and friendly fellow. His personality is perfectly suited for a family with or without children or pets (has lived with dogs and other kitties). Although Mickey loves to chase cat toys and play, he prefers curling up on a warm lap. He’s as mild-mannered as they come.

We’re certain Mickey would adapt quickly and easily to his new surroundings. If you get cold in the winter, MIckey is the perfect cat for you, he is a great "space heater" and has become quite good at sneaking in under the covers to keep warm. He comes when called or to a whistle and will even do a couple of tricks if the treats are just right.

He has always been our "welcome" kitty for any newcomers, on 4 legs or 2, A true love bug and great at keeping the peace between other kitties. Mickey is sure to steal your heart, he even has a big white heart on his chest to prove it!

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